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Since 1994, Indianapolis area owners needing a property manager to lease and manage their home have turned to WILMOTH.  We offer our services with an emphasis on transparancy, technology, and ethics.  Throughout Central Indiana, there are many proclaiming to offer property management services.   It is easy to offer property management services.  It is hard to spend years becoming experts, proficient and well regarded in your industry. 
This is what WILMOTH offers our clients with a desire to never stop improving! 

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7 Questions-Free Special Report!

Before you hire a manager, request this free special report! Written by Joel Wilmoth using his 20+ years of experience, he has nailed down seven questions you want to ask before you make a decision!

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So Your Home Won't Sell?

If the home you have been trying to sell is still sitting on the market, empty, it is costing you money in maintenance and risk.

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Disclosure Registry Created for IN Meth Pr...

Effective July 1, 2014 the Indiana General Assembly (House Enrolled Act 1141)  created a method for disclosure by property owners for known meth contaminated properties.  The registry will be maint...

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Does That Cut It?

Cut what?  This time of year that is likely not the question.  Grass is in full grow mode and somebody has to make sure it is cut.  If not, your local municipality will send over a crew, and you wi...

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Selling HUD Update-Appraisals

Recently HUD made a change in procedure that will affect agents and their buyers.  In the past, the original appraised value was posted with the HUD home listing, and a contracted buyer using FHA f...

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